Connecting Today’s Retail Value Chain With Tomorrow’s Innovators

Support entrepreneurs for lead generation, brand awareness and thought leadership Connect with our top-tier network of key decision makers Dedicated company coverage, or ‘Innovator Intelligence’ reports Custom Survey Research Joint Webinars .

Innovators Intelligence Services 

Digital Shelf helps you drive digital growth with actions prioritized across our five essential KPIs: Availability and Assortment, Share of Search, Content Accuracy, Ratings and Reviews, Price and Promotions. .

Innovator Scouting

For Corporates

We help companies identify and establish direct contact with relevant startups and innovators from your target area. By providing data-driven intelligence on emerging technologies, we help form partnerships, drive innovation, and, ultimately, help companies seize a competitive advantage in your market.

Innovator Intelligence

For Entrepreneurs

Our Innovator Intelligence platform helps entrepreneurs generate leads and increase brand awareness among the retail, brand, technology and investor community. Our services include dedicated company coverage, or ‘Innovator Intelligence’ reports, co-branded research, joint webinars, event opportunities and more. Our research distribution channels reach a global audience of over 450,000.
We build collaborative communities for our clients via our mentor program and with access to events hosted by Coresight and networking opportunities at major industry forums such as CES, NRF’s Retail Big Show, NACDS and Shoptalk.





Build the Approach

First, we strategize with your team to learn about your growth objectives and target audience. Content is framed and staged around critical insights and topics that are informed from C-Suite conversations.

Create the Assets

Next, we create the right mix of content assets to integrate in top your marketing and lead-generation objectives

Execute the Plan

Finally, we drive your solution to the market to accelerate the adoption curve and reach our audience of global retailers, brands, technology firms and investors


Actionable analysis, data-driven intelligence on emerging technologies etc.

Innovator Intelligence Content Assets

We offer a variety of content assets to fuel your growth objectives:

Co-Branded Research

A custom, co-branded whitepaper positions you as an industry thought leader by providing thought-provoking data-driven research

Strategic Advisory

Closed-door strategic workshops bring an unparalleled understanding of how to market and sell more of your technology solutions more quickly to attract and engage your target audience.


Profile-raising events (in a range of formats), enable our partners to amplify their marketing reach to our network of key decision-makers.

Inner Circle

We provide a comprehensive program that includes ongoing support and coverage with custom research, events, analyst briefings, networking and relationship-building activities.

Innovator Intelligence Products

We offer a variety of products tailored to meet your needs:

Innovator Platform

The Innovator platform helps entrepreneurs reach their target audience by providing services to generate leads and increase brand awareness among our top-tier network of key decision makers, global retailers and brands, technology firms and investors.

Innovator Insights

Our research provides in-depth coverage on startup-driven innovation. We analyze corporate innovation development, cutting-edge technologies and startups that are at the forefront of digitalization and disruption

Coresight Labs

Coresight Labs provides a curated startup database of over 5,000 companies. Industry leaders looking for investment or partnership opportunities, and for those just monitoring industry advancements, Coresight Labs is an invaluable source of innovation intelligence.

Coresight Mentors

We establish direct content with innovators and our mentors, which includes industry experts in retail and technology, serial entrepreneurs, and investors who leverage their diverse experience to help coach and guide companies.

Innovator Intelligence Clients

Innovator Intelligence Client Feedbacks


“It ROCKS!!!! You get quoted and she basically recites all of your research! This is a walk-off grand slam!!! Certainly the best coverage we’ve gotten since 2019.”

Kevin Payne

Vice President, GiftNow, a synchrony solution


“Shortly after publishing the Radius8 Innovator Intelligence report: “Just wanted to let you know already getting a ton of amazing feedback, internal and external.“

Brendan Phelan

VP of Strategy and Co-Founder Radius8